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An anthem for people to never be someones second choice!

Co written by Jade and Murray Pulver, who also produced this song, this bluesy country number is already being well received across the nation!

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I finally heard this song all put together for the first time! From the amazing background vocals by Sheena Rattai, to the absolutely beautiful guitar playing from Murray, it just really is a stellar song and I couldn’t be more proud of a piece of work that I get to be a part of”-Jade Turner

“On Hangover Blues, Jade Turner turns in one of her best vocal performances. The song shows Jade is boldly in control of who she is an artist and songwriter”- Murray Pulver

Hangover Blues is out everywhere January 29!!!



Jade Turner is an award winning songwriter and performer, and it’s only the beginning for this charming rising star in Manitoba’s country scene. Winner of 2017’s IMA Best Country Album and 2018’s MCMA Emerging Artist of the Year awards, with many more nominations to boot, Jade Turner is well on her way to making her mark on the Canadian music scene, and Turner feels the best is yet to come. From brand new singles like the nostalgia-inducing, sunny jam ‘Highway Town’, to the more bluesy, soulful singing from Hangover Blues, Turner has shown that she has a versatile sound whose stories will resonate with country lovers everywhere. The new batch of songs are produced by multi-award winning producer Murray Pulver, who lends his talents to bring to life the full emotion of each story Jade tells.

The album is self-titled, which is fitting for a project that is filled with songs that express Jade’s different aspects of her personality and passions. Her eclectic interests coupled with the unpredictability of life makes for a one of a kind take; Jade’s love of motherhood, memories of her hometown, hard work as a millwright, travel dreams, her connection to the land, learning from her past and more are delivered in a way that paints the picture of her world like a good book. The maturity and musicality with which Jade tells her stories makes for an emotional ride of an album that country fans will find themselves relating to throughout. 

Jade Turner’s fun-loving, blatantly honest, adventurous self is exactly what shines through in her music, whether she’s sharing her experience, hoping to teach us a lesson, expressing her own worries or looking to induce a smile. Her upcoming single, Hangover Blues is out January 29!!



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